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In a world of nonrespondent landscapers, New Creations stands above the rest. Quality work and impeccable communication I highly recommend anyone use New Creations for any landscape needs.


— Paige Clark

Great company! Honest, reliable and great quality.


— Austin Gifford

Was at Sun Valley walking to my car and happed to talk to one of the landscapers asking how his day was. I believe his name was Jace. He was very knowledgeable about his job and very nice. His interaction alone makes me want to use them for my home. All the other landscapers were out there working hard as well. I sure do hope these boys get paid well for the beautiful work they do to my church.


— Marisa Costales

New Creation Landscape Service is a trusted and reliable vendor. New Creations has for the last 3 years completed many landscape install and enhancement projects on all 5 of our campuses. New Creations also serves as our landscape maintenance contractor for each of our campuses as well. NCLS provides weekly care to ensure each of our locations is ready and beautiful for the weekend services. NCLS has helped us manage our water usage with irrigation management and prompt service for repairs when needed. I am recommending this company to you for their expertise, knowledge and service in landscape management.


— David Hutcherson