Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal, trees can provide shade (saving on energy costs), privacy and even contribute to your local ecosystem as an inviting space for a variety of Arizona’s bird species.


Shrubs and ground covers are a great way to fill voids on your landscape and add some color. Many shrubs produce gorgeous flowers, great fragrances and can even work as barriers or screens to hide unsightly pool equipment or AC units.


Water management is key to the vigor of plants, trees and grass. Automatic irrigation systems make watering a breeze by saving time and money.

Sprinkler System

Even water distribution allows for grass to grow at the same rate and with a consistent color. It is important to install sprinklers strategically and with the proper number of zones allowing for consistent water pressure.

Retaining Walls

Used primarily to prevent erosion, retaining walls can also function as additional seating or simply a decorative border to frame in focal points of your landscape.


Create definition, privacy and shade in a unique way by adding a pergola to your backyard. Pergolas can be custom built out of many different materials to meet your style and budget.

Fire Features

Fire features can create a mood while providing light and warmth on the cold desert nights. Enjoy your landscape anytime of the year and create memories around your custome fire feature!

Pavers, other hardscapes

Pavers are a cost-effective way to extend your current patio, create walkways or even build an entirely new patio. NCLS is compliant with the industry standards when it comes to installing pavers and various hardscapes. We have access to nearly every style, size and color scheme on the market at competitive prices.

Sod Install

Grass areas are great for pet owners, kids, or anyone wanting to add a mjaor color contrast to a bland desert landscape. Create your oasis and accent it with a lush green lawn.


Landscape rock comes in different sizes and colors. Granite or rock is essential to cut down on dirt and dust while accenting your home. Choosing the right rock color and size can make all the difference when installing your landscape.

Artificial Turf

Artificial grass is becoming more and more popular. The water wise material gives you green grass all year around with far less maintenance! Synthetic grass comes in different blade heights, density and colors. There are even turfs out there that are pet friendly and extra durable.

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