Trimming plants and trees promotes healthy growth while providing a clean finished look to your landscape.

Tree Removal

Trees can have structural problems, disease that can spread to other trees, or simply just be in the way. Call NCLS to safely remove and dispose of your tree properly!


Beyond the eye-catching appeal of a fresh cut lawn, regular maintenance ensures thick and healthier grass.

Weed Removal

Weeds can be an unpleasant visual and often steal nutrients and water from the plants you actually paid for! It is crucial that they be removed and treated so that your plants get the proper nutrition they need.

Irrigation Checks

Proper maintenance and inspection of your irrigation system can save money on water and feature costly repairs. Since you are likely not keeping an eye on your watering system 24/7, it is important to have a trusted expert monitoring the irrigation regularly.


Your summer grass goes dormant when the temperatures start to drop in the winter. At this time it is important to scalp the turf and overseed for your winter grass. This overseed provides a lush green lawn through the remainder of the year or until your dominant grass comes back.

Irrigation Repairs

Too much water from leaks or too little water from malfunctioning parts can pose a major problem when it comes to an efficient irrigation system. We can help you save on high water bills or multiple trips to the nursery to replace dead plants.

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